Veterinary Ultrasounds

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Veterinary Ultrasounds

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At Westhampton Beach Animal Hospital, we specialize in utilizing ultrasound as a non-invasive imaging technique to assess your pet's internal structures, including organs, soft tissues, and bones. Using sound waves, we create a video-like image, called a sonogram, which allows us to view your pet's organs and circulatory system in real-time, evaluating their function.

Common Reasons Pets May Require Ultrasounds

  • Heart conditions: Echocardiogram to assess if heart medication is needed
  • Abnormal blood or urine test results: Abdominal ultrasound to identify underlying causes 
  • Examination of other soft tissues: Ultrasound for thyroid glands, fetal viability, eyes, ligaments, tendons

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during my pet’s ultrasound?

You can expect a quick, non-invasive, and painless procedure. Ultrasounds are typically completed without the need for sedation or anesthesia. Our veterinary specialist will apply a gel to the area being imaged and then gently move the wand of the sonography machine over your pet's skin to produce images of their internal structures. It's a safe and efficient process that allows us to visualize your pet's organs and soft tissues in real-time without causing any discomfort.

Do you need to shave my pet’s fur?

In order to ensure accurate results, it is important to have complete contact between the hand-held probe and the skin during an ultrasound examination. This often requires shaving the fur in the area being imaged, as ultrasound waves cannot pass through air. This allows our veterinary specialists at Westhampton Beach Animal Hospital to obtain clear and precise images of your pet's internal structures, helping us to make an accurate diagnosis and provide the best possible care.

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