Digital Radiology

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Digital Veterinary X-Rays

in the Hamptons and East End of Long Island

At Westhampton Beach Animal Hospital, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your pet. If your pet requires an X-ray, rest assured that we offer the latest and safest digital radiography technology.

Common Reasons for Pet Digital X-Rays

  • Suspected trauma
  • Evaluation of broken bones 
  • Assessment for cancer 
  • Detection of abdominal obstructions or foreign objects 
  • Checking for pneumonia, arthritis, lung disease, muscle problems 
  • Evaluating skeletal issues or tumors

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets digital pet x-rays apart from conventional film x-rays?

Digital pet x-rays offer superior image quality compared to regular film x-rays, allowing for more precise and accurate diagnoses by veterinary specialists. With digital x-rays, results are available instantly, allowing for faster diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, digital radiography exposes pets to less radiation compared to film x-rays, making it safer for your furry friend.

Can digital x-rays harm my pet?

Digital x-rays are generally considered safe for pets. The radiation exposure from digital x-rays is typically minimal, and the benefits of accurate diagnosis and effective treatment outweigh the risks. Digital radiography also allows for lower radiation doses compared to traditional film x-rays, making it safer for your pet.

Will my pet experience pain during a digital x-ray?

Digital x-rays are painless. The process is non-invasive and typically well-tolerated by pets.

For more information on digital x-ray services for your pet, feel free to contact us.

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