COVID19 Protocol

exam During these challenging and unprecedented times, ensuring the health and well-being of our four legged patients, their families and of our staff is of our utmost concern.  By strictly following our COVID19 hospital protocols, we have proudly remained open for your pets care, 7 days a week.

Curbside Service & Social Distancing 

As we have a CLOSED DOOR POLICY with no clients allowed to enter the building.  We are executing two very effective methods of social distancing to ensure health and safety.  Initially upon pulling into our parking lot, we ask you to please park your vehicle in a parking spot.  Please, do not park in front of our building unless directed to do so.  There are signs located throughout the parking lot asking you to please remain in your vehicle, and to call us directly at (631) 288-8535.

  • We will come to your vehicle.  For small dogs, puppies and cats we will come to your vehicle to bring your pet inside of the building.  If your dog has aggression concerns, please bring this to the receptionists attention before an attendant comes to your vehicle.  
  • We will ask you to place your pet in our specially designed outdoor enclosure.  For large dogs, rambunctious dogs, or owners who do not care for vehicle pick up our specially designed outdoor enclosure is located on the side of the building and connected to our side entrance.  This 7' high enclosure  is 10'x10' and has a tether located inside, along with a water bowl for your pets comfort.  Once directed by the receptionist or attendant, we will ask you to place your pet inside the enclosure, hook the tether to their collar, and securely latch the gate behind you.  You may watch your pet from 6' away while the attendant brings them inside of the building.  Once completed, we will inform you when your pet is being returned. 

social pen

Paperwork & Records

To expedite your initial visit with us, our New Client Paperwork and COVID-19 Credit Card Authorization forms are available below for download.  Please inform the receptionist if you are bringing the completed paperwork to your visit.

If you need to have your pets current vaccination and medical history sent to our staff, please request your primary veterinarian to fax to (631) 288-8601, or to our e-mail at [email protected].  Please have your name, your pets name, date and time of your pets appointment on the history so we may properly file your pets history until the time of your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wearing Personal Protection Equipment?
Yes, absolutely!  Doctors and staff are required to wear mask and gloves at all times.  For those handling patients in rooms, surgical gowns are provided.  We have additional PPE such as face shields which are encouraged to be worn during client interactions.  

What are you doing to ensure your hospital is clean?
We have an enhanced cleaning protocol which includes cleaning of the exam room in its entirety after every appointment.  We purposely schedule appointments with ample time to clean between patients.  Should an appointment go beyond the scheduled time and we are running a few minutes behind schedule, we appreciate your understanding as we are cleaning thoroughly before bringing your pet inside.  We are using cleaners approved by the CDC for the killing of COVID19 in spray bottles for equipment, in our mop buckets for floors, and around all areas of the hospital.   

How can you ensure your employees are healthy?
Every morning upon entering the building, staff are required to wash their hands immediately and have their temperature taken.  Any sign of unexplained fever would result in that staff member returning home immediately.  Ensuring health is key, and we are grateful to have an amazing team of staff who communicate with us openly if they are are feeling at all under the weather.  If so, they are asked to stay home and quarantine if needed.  Should a staff member experience any COVID19 symptoms, we have a 21 day quarantine protocol in plan before they are able to return.  

How do I communicate my questions or concerns to the doctor?
The doctor will call you while they examine your pet, and discuss all questions and concerns over the phone.  In many cases our doctor may also come outside and talk to you from 6 feet away.  No treatments are done to your pet without your consent.  

It is time for me to say goodbye to my best friend.  Can I come inside with him/her?
Absolutely.  When scheduling euthanasia appointments, we do our best to have the appointment as the last of the day, or before a significant break or lunch break.  This gives us the opportunity to properly disinfect the hospital, exam room, and any items used.  We do require you and any family member coming inside to be wearing mask and gloves.  While we can not provide masks, we do have gloves and are happy to provide if you do not have any.  If you prefer and the weather permits, we are also happy to lay a blanket outside on our grass lawn where you may sit with your pet while you say your goodbyes.  Please let us know how we can make the challenging times easier, and we are happy to help however possible.


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